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Second Trimester Must Haves to Make Your Life Easier

CONGRATS! You made it through your first trimester, if you are like me and have suffered from a miscarriage the first trimester was scary – read about my experience here. Most say the second trimester is the honeymoon phase of pregnancy. I beg to differ, a little bit at least…I am not a good pregnant person, HA! BUT a lot of people, myself included, wait till the second trimester to tell their friends they are pregnant or make that cute announcement on instagram. Which makes it more exciting and safe to say, more real that you are pregnant. Also, with the second trimester comes the baby bump showing, but that also comes with things you may need like a pregnancy pillow or most bump oil to keep that itchy feeling away.

I am here to make it all easier for you! Whether you are buying for yourself, or for a friend – I have put together some great options for all!

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    10 Second Trimester Must-Haves

    1. Pregnancy Pillow

    I have 2 different types of pregnancy pillows that I like. Some nights I just want my regular pillow (for my head), but still need that extra support – then I have nights that I need to feel like my pillow is hugging me and I go with the traditional pillow you typically see. Frida Mom also has a great adjustable AND cooling one (let me tell you – hormones make you hot!), that I wish I had bought, but no going back now my hubby already thinks I am taking up the whole bed! Amazon has a lot of great options, you can see their top choices here that are available for Prime 2-day Delivery! Don’t have prime, get a free trial!

    I love this pregnancy pillow when I want to use my own head pillow! I will say the part for the belly does not become very useful till you are showing a good amount, but it is easy to move around in the bed and does not take up too much space!

    If you do not mind using it as a head pillow too, this is the pregnancy pillow for you. It keeps you super cozy and feeling secure. I will say it is a little hard to cuddle with your significant other when you are pregnant unless you use them as your pregnancy pillow all night…hehehe, so this pillow keeps you feeling like you are cuddling your loved one! The removable cover is also a HUGE perk!

    Personally, I have not tried the Frida Mom Pillow, but it has really good reviews and is adjustable which is nice to have – you never know what position will be comfortable one night and not the next. The perk on this one is that it has a cooling capability, for extra nighttime comfort. 

    2. Maternity Leggings

    I have worn Lululemon Aligns for years, and I finally put them all away and said no thanks during my pregnancy. I found these leggings that work not only working out but look cute when layering and going out too. I want to point out that the over-the-belly style is not a joke, and it is MUCH NEEDED! My aligns kept rolling down every move I would make (and yes, I ordered a larger size to prevent this, it did not work). Maternity leggings are comfortable and versatile. Here are a few more of my favorites:

    These are affordable and comfortable! Major Lululemon align dupe, my nonpregnant friends all asked me where I got them, they weren’t happy when I said they were maternity! 

    I LOVE THE HATCH COLLECTION! These are a splurge, I will admit I only have 1 pair of these and they are wonderful. They are cozy and they have the perfect stretch. I do not wear these to work out in, but they are a staple in my maternity wardrobe. 

    Everyone loves pockets! These are my go-to when I am walking my dog or taking a walk at night with the hubby. I can secure my phone in my pocket and be hands-free. They are super soft and at a great price! I sized down, my regular size was a little too big and I was hiking them up a lot. 

    Want to see what else is out there, Amazon has a great round-up of the top Maternity Leggings! Whether you are looking for active leggings or just lounge and cozy ones, they have them all!

    3. Belly Oil

    If you read my first trimester must-haves, you will know this is a MUST (all my first trimester must-haves can still be used in the second trimester, if you missed it here it is!). Again, I may be a HATCH collection cult member or something, but this belly oil is by far the best I have used. When your belly starts to grow during your second trimester or if it already has in your first (everyone’s body is different!) your skin tends to get itchy, this helps that itchy feeling.

    The great thing about this oil is that it can be used anywhere. I typically come out of the shower and lather my body with it and I do not get that greasy feeling. My body absorbs it and it does not have a strong scent – if you are anything like me during your pregnancy scents are really aggressive!

    4. Hot Water Bottle

    Welcome to the Honey Moon Phase of Pregnancy, but the back pain phase since that little belly is growing! My mom actually purchased this for me, originally for my neck pain (I work from home and behind a desk all day), but I use it more for my lower back now.

    Love that it has a cute little cover, machine washable too! The cover helps it from getting too hot on your back, neck, legs, wherever you plan on using it. Something super simple to get you through those aches and pains. My dog really likes it too, ha!

    5. Audible Subscription

    Audible has MANY books to listen to that will not only help you learn about your pregnancy but can help with the anxiety and nerves pregnancy may bring upon you. I ended up getting the premium version of audible to get 1 credit per month, it has allowed me to enjoy either a book to get my mind off of my pregnancy pain or a book to help me learn more about my little man who is burrowed inside of me right now.

    Starting a free trial is a good place to start, then you can see what books are available and if you like the selection or not. As always if you do not have an Amazon Prime Membership you can start your free trial here!

    6. Blanqi Support Tank

    With pregnancy comes fun pains in your abdomen, and ‘growing’ pains when your belly is growing. I have seen this tank to really help support me when I have round ligament pain which then helps my back pain ease up as well.

    It may be a splurge, but this is something believed to be a necessity. It is great to layer with or just wear as your day-to-day tank with the leggings from above or maternity jeans!

    7. Maternity Dress / Clothes

    Less is more, in my opinion. However, comfort is key during pregnancy. This Amazon Maternity dress is perfect for running to the store, with some Chucks or just lounging at the house. I have worn it with a cute utility jacket to an engagement party too (it was a casual engagement celebration)!

    Make it a fun outfit, to make yourself feel put together and everyone loves a cute little baby bump!

    8. Start Your Registry

    Amazon has one of the best registries, in my opinion. I will do a dedicated registry post as to where I registered and for what products. However, most everyone has Amazon Prime and the number of products with fast delivery they have on there, it makes it one of the easiest places to create a registry.

    BIG PERK about this registry, you get a FREE welcome box after the first item off your registry is purchased AND you have completed your registration. Helpful tip: you do not need to register for everything via amazon to complete your registry, just check it off and it will complete it for you that way. For example, we got all of our nursery furniture from Costco so I checked it off on the Amazon registry and it completed that section for me. EASY PEASY!

    9. HATCH Foot Relief Rub

    Whose feet are dead by the end of the day? Or even in the middle of the day! This minty cooling foot rub is AMAZING. Refreshing smells fantastic, is not gross and sticky, just all around 10/10!

    HATCH has a great gift set on Amazon that comes with the Belly Oil, Down Girl foot rub, and nipple cream. I got myself the gift set so I can use the nipple cream once a little man comes. But you can also buy individually and see what you like first!

    10. Heartburn Tea

    Wowee, do I have heartburn during my second trimester! It is not fun. This Stork Heartburn Tea tastes great and really gets the job done. All clean ingredients that are safe for mom and baby, and I sip them through the day to help with relief!

    Try it as ICED TEA too, especially during those hot days for some relief from the heartburn and a nice refreshing treat!

    Second Trimester Must-Haves

    Everyone is different and I really hope what has helped me get through the second trimester will help you too! I would love to hear what has worked for you and what hasn’t in the comments below. As always, stay safe, stay healthy, and you got this momma!

    Download the FREE Second Trimester Must-Haves!

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